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WIP Creatives is an image development company designed to help, guide and support your individual journey, as a public figure. Our core focus is to create a strong recall value for your personal brand by setting clear goals, overlooking Social Media and Public Relations by creating a unique style for public appearances, and facilitating strategic introductions. We are a boutique agency, by-invitation-only, and we specifically focus on the individual needs of our high potential clients. Feel free to contact us for more information.

What We Do

Image Development

Because change is the only constant thing in our life, your image will always be a ‘Work In Progress’. Our team members are careful listeners who apply tried and tested methods, to help you evolve with changing times, by carefully planning your relevant placement and image development strategies. Our goal is to present the best version of you, through the right kind of Public Relations and Social Media.

Personal Styling

At WIP Creatives we feel that a unique personal style is the most important part of your public image. Our in-house fashion stylists follow a signature method of developing the best style, for our influencers, to make them stand out from the crowd, and create a strong recall value, for their own unique branding.

Content Creation

We believe personalised content is key for an impactful public representation of yourself, what you stand for, and results in the best endorsement opportunities. Through the conceptualisation and creative direction of photo and video shoots, our fresh ideas will help you find the best way, to show the world who you really are, and in the process have fun doing so!

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